Loft ladders - the safe, convenient way to access the storage space above your head!

Easy to install, available country-wide with full installations for straightforward D-I-Y installation!

Having a Fakro Loft Ladder in your home - possibly as a replacement for your existing trapdoor - enables you to store all those seasonal items like camping gear and luggage, beach-umbrellas and winter clothing!


Designed for occasional use (the Loft LADDER is NOT approved for regular use as a STAIRCASE) the robust timber ladder folds away on top of it’s own trapdoor, and the 160kg capacity enables even large items to be safely stored - provided the ceiling is sufficiently strong, or reinforced for the additional load.


Always available, no trips to the garage for the ladder...

No more chipped paint from clumsy tradesmen’s ladders!


Cannot be opened from the inside of the roof attic.

Access controlled.... hide away the opening crank handle (supplied) and the roof is inaccessible to unauthorised persons.

Easy to use...

Able to be operated by adults over 1,6m tall

Spring-loaded.... no danger of injury with sensible operation

Not easily able to be used by children...


Barely distinguishable from a regular trapdoor when painted to match the ceiling. (Note: surrounding trim not included in kit)

Half-way open
Closed and locked from below.
Fully extended, ready for use!

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